Thursday, August 6, 2009

Because the diets don't work

The diets to lose weight that you/they don't work, to pass hunger without losing kilos, this it is the repeated history, a diet ends to lose weight and you begins another that will also finish in failure.
One can think that the diets don't serve or that perhaps it is impossible to lose weight without caring the efforts that are made.
This is not this way, what happens in most of the cases is that he/she eats up bad, it is not necessary to pass hunger, it is only necessary to keep in mind certain details.

In paraellas we will give you 10 keys to either lose weight that you are making a special diet or simply want to continue eating as always.

The 10 keys to lose weight

Nail 1 to lose I weigh you Never stop to eat, the organism needs food to complete its functions, to stop to eat doesn't only lose weight sick.

Nail 2 to lose weight he/she Carries out 4 foods a day, a breakfast, a lunch, a snack and a dinner, you should keep in mind that the dinner will be since the lightest food after ingesting it you won't burn calories.

Nail 3 to lose weight you Surely know that you should avoid the fats and you avoid them not eating meat with fat, shortening or the skin of the chicken, but perhaps you don't take into account that a cake portion, a cake, or an ice cream can contain much fattier than the meat.
Therefore to eliminate all the pastry shop products, bizcochería, desserts and ice creams during the diet.

Nail 4 to lose weight Many people they only eat salads during several days to avoid the fats and to lose weight in quick form, but to eat salads doesn't mean that calories are not ingesting, the size of the plate should be normal and they should not go decorated with salt, mayonnaises or another type of sauces, only lemon and olive oil.
It is also necessary to keep in mind the ingredients of that salad, the big quantities of potatoes, rice, eggs, mushrooms, avocados, etc, they will add more calories than a meat piece.
When they waste away fruits they should also be kept for example in mind the calories that contribute, a banana he/she can have 60 calories, a pear 70 and an orange 60, to also eat fruits in excess supreme calories although they don't contain fat.

Nail 5 to lose I weigh you will Always have heard that the bread puts on weight, if you are trying to lose weight you don't eat bread, he/she eats cookies, something like that will have told you, it is an error.
The bread will satiate more the appetite, the cookies have more concentration of flour and fatty trans, they not only fatten you but rather you are with hunger.

Nail 6 to lose I weigh you will Also have heard that to lose weight the best thing it is to eat many times a day that if he/she gives you hunger you eat bars of cereals, apples, carrots, yogurt, etc.
Another error, you eat little during the main foods, you keep hunger and then raisins the whole day eating, he/she eats at the established hours until your appetite is satiate and you will no longer have necessity eating to always be.

Nail 7 to lose weight to Eat homemade food, the foods of restaurants, places of quick food or to take they use big quantities of fat and oils that which you can avoid cooking your own food.

Nail 8 to lose weight it Consumes a lot of fiber, the foods that contain fiber drag the fat outside of the organism, of anything it serves to pass hunger if you don't expel the fat of the body.

Nail 9 to lose weight he/she Drinks water, it avoids all type of gassy and artificial juices, you won't lose weight depriving you of the food but taking sodas.
Two liters of water per day help you to oxygenate the organism, to burn fat, they remove you the sensation of hunger and they moisturize the skin, more benefits impossible.

Nail 10 to lose weight he/she Walks one hour per day, it is necesaro to burn calories so that they don't accumulate in form of fat, if you want to lose weight you have to look for yourself the time to walk, it considers that you can lose weight without passing anything of hunger following these simple advice.

San Valentine's day

February 14 are celebrated San Valentine's day, it is also known since as the lovers' day it is one day dedicated to the love.
The couples of boyfriends not only celebrate San Valentine but also the married ones and the friends, it is also a good opportunity to declare the love to somebody taking advantage that it is a very special day.
It is habit that the day of the lovers gifts are given, the normal thing is to give flowers, chocolates or cards with sentences of love, but original or significant gifts can also be made especially for each couple.

When he/she comes closer the date all they are thinking that to give to the couple as demonstration of love, if you are looking for some ideas for gifts we will offer some that can be good to give San Valentine's day or any other day of the year like birthday or anniversaries.

Cheap gifts

It is not always had the enough money to give what is wanted and it is necessary to use the genius to buy cheap gifts, that doesn't mean that because they don't cost a lot of money they don't have value, so much stops who he/she gives it like it stops who receives it, we give you some examples:

* To give flowers can be expensive but to give a red rose is not it, the day of the lovers is the day of the love and that flower symbolizes the passion.

* To give a card, it is a cheap gift, but if you write in her all that you feel for the other person it can be a very valuable gift for who receives it.

* To give peluches is very common, they are inside the cheap gifts, but accompanied with a card that he/she says how much you love the other person he/she becomes something very appreciated.

* Inside the cheap gifts nothing else appreciated that something fact with your own hands, an idea is to cover some old mark with leather remains or cloth and inside of placing a picture of both inside.

* To write your own poem of love, it can be a cheap gift but it requires a certain talent, anyway nobody will notice if it leaves of him it is copied of some famous poem, the important thing is that him of the personal touch with your own words.

* Cheap gifts are also the crafts, bracelets, rings, hanging, cost very little, they are amusing and they should always take obviously the card with the sentence of love.

* In the day of the lovers he/she can also give himself a cd with special songs as those that listened when they met each other or that in some way the letters are representative of their feelings.

Original gifts for the lovers

* Many couples choose that day to give rings, but not any ring, but that of commitment like way of demonstrating the seriousness of that love.

* If you have money you can give a digital portaretratos with the best pictures in both.

* To give perfume, it cannot be very original but if the perfume is of a grateful mark, for sure it will be much more valued that the classic box of chocolates.

* To give a wireless telephone that is exclusive to communicate among the couple is an original gift that can be very expensive or of under price, according to the purchasing power of each who.

* To give clock can be since a significant gift it symbolizes the time that takes that love and everybody who will come in the future.

* To buy cheap gifts, original gifts, amusing gifts will depend on the pocket and the genius of each one the important thing it is that San Valentine's day is not any lover without receiving its gift and especially the sentences of love that accompany him.

The women prefer chocolates before sex

A study revealed that more than half of the women they prefer to eat chocolate to have sexual relationships. According to the portal, one of those that participated in the investigation assured that “the chocolate doesn't never defraud.”
As long as, almost half of the men they coincided in that the chocolate is one of the best options to give to its couples. I suppose that now they will think it better!
Besides being a natural antidepressant, now also he/she has been discovered that the chocolate is also good for the heart: the anti-rust properties of the chocolate and their effect modulator of certain substances contribute to the decrease of the thromboses, delay of the process ateroesclerótico and it improves of the heart functions.

Council for not boring your couple

When a couple is beginning a relationship everything you/he/she is presented wonderful but once you/he/she passes the initial enamoramiento and the relationship leaves securing it is when they become visible certain differences and some defects that you/they had not seen each other before.
The advice for not boring your couple can apply them during a lifetime since will be you very useful if you want that that relationship lasts.

* The whole time be not above, give him their space and tómate yours, if somebody is drowned he/she will surely come unfastened to be able to breathe.
Also if you are pending of their things you insinuate him that you don't have own interests and that takes off merits before their eyes.

* You are not highlighting their defects continually and neither you are happened to nag him in public and less still in front of their family or friends.
That type of attitudes causes humiliation and they finish generating bitterness, if you have something to reproach him that it is when they are alone.

* Be not a phone nightmare calling it or sending him messages the whole time, it will seem that you suffer of some compulsive obsessive dysfunction and far from being him pleasant it will be a torture of which will want to escape despavorido.

* You are not guarding it with all woman he/she appears, it is not only an annoyance but rather you will also be demonstrating that you feel inferior to those girls since are afraid that leaves you for them.

* You don't prohibit him him to practice or look at the sports that he likes, that it is one of the worst things that you could make, on the contrary, he/she fakes that you like you will be able to this way to accompany him and sharing their likes it will bring near them more.

* Don't force him to make things that he doesn't like as to go of stores or to visit relatives, at some time it is well but don't abuse.

* Don't insist with which you of continuous tests of love and make romantic things, he/she can that at some time you have been appeared with a flower, perhaps he/she bought you something delicate, but until there it arrived, don't wait much more.

* We wait that these advice for not boring your couple give you result, we have some more than we will publish them later on and if you have other you can send it in the comments to share them with who needs them.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the woman's intimate

the woman's intimate health a very important factor in the daily life, since of her it depends their presence and trust. In accordance with the experts in the topic, a woman should be protected daily of agents that can affect her intimate health as they are it virus or bacterias.

The intimate hygiene is the implementation of techniques that each woman should put into practice to counteract the factors that can exercise noxious effects in the sexual organs. In summary, it is the toilet, cleaning and care I specify of this part of the body; their main objective is the one of preserving the reproductive sexual health, that is to say, to avoid infections that to short or I release term they can put in risk the good operation of the vaginal area. Each woman should be the responsible one of putting attention in the cleaning of her intimate area, since in occasions the daily bathroom is not enough to maintain under good conditions the genital.

The nature of the woman's body requires bigger attention and cleaning, specially later the menstrual cycle, of suffering of vaginal, intense secretions or, after the use of gels or birth-control creams. It is important to ask to the gynecologist on the best alternatives to acquire a routine of intimate hygiene adapted to your lifestyle. In general, the women don't give importance to the small intimate infections, because they consider them “normal” and they even think that they are fleeting, but in fact most of the times become a threat when they are not assisted on time with a doctor.

The specialists recommend you to be very observadora with your body, since is changes that take place, and to the smallest suspicion that you suffer some alteration, you should visit immediately to the gynecologist who will know which the best form is of acting and of prescribing you.

Some signs that they indicate that you have an infection vaginal son:comezón in the genital area, constant flow of different color and bad scent.

To avoid the vaginal infections you put attention to the following advice of the experts.


During the bathroom they should separate with the fingers, the lips bigger than the vulva and later on to clean the genital that are to the overdraft.

The cleaning of the genital should be carried out with enough it dilutes using a shampoo hipoalergénico of sour ph that contains lactic acid that he/she helps to moisturize and to maintain the balance of the intimate area.


• Evita the use of bar soaps since has an alkaline ph.

• Uses underwear and of complete preference, since the very adjusted one and of synthetic cloth he/she doesn't allow to breathe your skin.

• Changes the underwear every time that you sit down it humid and he/she always chooses cotton garments.

• doesn't carry out skillful vaginal unless they are prewritten by the doctor.

• When cleaning the intimate area in another moment that is not the bathroom, make it of ahead back.

• When taking a bath doesn't use sponges or gloves.

• constantly Changes the feminine towel when you have your period.


Britney in their tour Circus

You will say. But I won't stay quiet. Although in the bottom the support and I would really like that it arrived to the same point in the summit again, I cannot hold back the desires of commenting their outfits in their current one Circus it rotates. For where to begin if anything is not redeemable? Circus look (infaltable, of course), babydolls, linen, bodies, fittings, feathers, brilliant, transparencies, golden, silver..... is everything, that.... what did he have left on the outside? It is clear that it could not take something too discreet neither puritan, but I find that these looks too much sexies doesn't favor him neither to the figure that shines for these days neither to contribute to the improvement of their image before the public.

Heidi Klum takes off the clothes again

This is we bad accustoming, because it already takes several recent publications in those that he/she appears with little or anything of clothes. This time has been to appear as cover in the edition of March of the magazine German GQ. If, we know that it is 99 probable% that the images are altered with Photoshop, but we don't care it, because we have seen it of many other ways and we can give faith of their physical state after thirty and so many and three children. Thanks to Heidi and we look forward to new images.

Scarfs with animal print

Scarfs with animal print
Like us or not the public behavior of at least two of these three women (Of izq to right: Siena Miller, Kate Moss and Mary-Kate Olsen), as for the fashion he/she refers, many times they are right and they mark tendency.

But good, let us say that they are not the animal prints in general, but the Leopard prints, those that are in voga for all sides.

Although in this country it supposes us a small dilemma, for the unavoidable mental relationship that we make in Colombia between the animal print and the wolves, these three show us how to take them with style and without seeking to be an errant animal.

Conclusion: If to the animal prints, leopard prints or what is, but in their measure, a single garment animal at the same time, is more than enough.

Rock Princess By: Vera Wang

“One of Vera's princesses Wang, the more rockera and uncomplicated of all. It would be able to change their tiara for a guitar and to leave to a concert of Rock the day of their grade.”

Rock Princess (Peach, Raspberry, Bergamot, Heliotrope, Jasmine, Iris, Wood of Cachemir Musk, Iris, Coconut), it is a fragrance between subtle and energetic with something of romantic and extroverted; It aims an independent woman, interested in the music, in the night that he/she also wants to get the attention a little.

A purchase that is worthwhile since, besides its container in form of black heart with silver letters brings a crown and a ring that you can use as accessory.

A chancy fragrance but sweetly seductora.

tips for her

Now we will tell you that you sew to make and that to avoid so that the romantic night he/she doesn't throw to lose. With the men it is always necessary to have patience but when he/she enters in the atmosphere the night it can be wonderful, whenever there is love among the couple.

* It intrigues, to the men them facina the intrigue games. You can prepare the circumstances of the encounter so that the one is intrigued and not you of bill of what you have him prepared.
* To take initiative, although many men prefer to be the dominant of the situations, if you take the initiative in the conversation and in all that concerns to that romantic night you will dismantle to the “hombrezote” and once vulnerable you will be able to discover many surprises in him.
* Patience, to the any man will displease him a little (although he doesn't say it) to leave the routine thing. With the time they are a machine that is programmed and they are mad a little when some things are changed, but at the end they adapt if the new thing is better, compared with the routine that you/they take.
* Subtlety, something that goes mad to the man is the subtlety with which a woman makes him notice that you/he/she is interested in him (still when I/you/he/she is not completely sure). That makes it feel conquering, when in fact he is the one conquered. Of there the game of the stripers: the one of to show a little and to hide. If you know how to be subtle with your couple the night it will be very special. Don't say the things directly as: “he/she wanted to know if you love me”, to discover that you could say: “if you could compare your love for my with some distance, which would it be?.”
You can also be subtle with the caresses. It touches your fingernails on their shoulders, it slips your hand below their chin, it lets him to speak to you a little to the hearing. The subtlety will dismantle it. It controls everything without one can give bill.
* For the view, the man is always attracted by what you go. Contrary to the woman, the man it is conquered first for that reason by what you go, you should worry a little in your appearance, but don't make of that your newspaper to live because you will bore him.

* To be direct, although most of the men don't understand many of the indirect ones that the women throw them, in this occasion the subtlety and insinuation can play to your favor to generate some intrigue and that the a conqueror sits down (although insecure).
* Flatteries, all the men love flatteries, they enjoy to increase their ego with flatteries. In this case the flatteries should not be many, because you will put it in a pedestal of the one that perhaps cannot lower it.
* Without excesses, you should not allow that the aphrodisiacs and the dinner satiate their appetite. That will remove him the desires of being the romantic of the night. You should control the situation so that it is not exceeded in to drink and to eat. You won't want a drunk and panzón when finishing the dinner.
* Birdcalls, he/she remembers that the night is special, it is not to claim anything neither to ruin her with looking for solutions. In the best in the cases you should be subtle to outline something urgent.

He/she remembers that this is alone some advice, perhaps the most vital, the important thing is to know your couple to please it. If you have other tips that can be good for a romantic night, write us here.