Wednesday, August 5, 2009

about feminism

The feminism is a movement of equality before an evident imbalance in to the current culture. In spite of everything there is who they ignore that we take centuries of macho dominant culture. For that reason today, in the mujer,reflexionamos blog about the beginnings of the feminist movement.


In Italy, for example that is of where the relating ones come more resolved of the feminism, the Gopher Donna, was the first web for the woman's administration in the environment of claiming her rights. Today we can recognize in people of recent lives to the impulsadoras of this answer current, of birdcall, of social justice. Ana María Mozzoni began, at the beginning of the unification of Italy in 1870, its fight for the woman's rights when the feminism was in diapers.

He/she was integrated to the fight of the workers in the 1892, ending up being cofundadora of the Socialist Party in the country.

They don't stop to be lights of any action or reaction the remarkable women of the history. The defense of the woman's rights sympathizes with the defense of other discriminated against social sectors and it proves of it is it its mixed militancy in several opportunities.

In Latin America a Center of studies of the woman's history exists where you reescribe the history of the women. It is worthwhile to remember, in this point, to the Beguinas.

It is a community of women that you/they lived during the Middle Ages, single, married or widows, independent or contained in more organizations, they lived free, productive and solidary. They are a relating of the freedom lived with love and respect by the rights of all human being.

The women should be in a constant fight to maintain in high the good understanding of their lists in a society that, although he/she is forgetting the past of masculine dominance little by little, it is still a lot to make.

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