Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The new tendencies in intimate depilation

The quantity of women that you/they decide to depilate themselves beyond English's area, increases flagrantly. The integral or Brazilian depilation and the ornamental one are the new tendencies.

Integral depilation: it is also that denominated Brazilian and that it means to depilate himself completely the area of the pubis. Who lean for this modality they are the swimmers, models, dancers and gymnasts.

Ornamental depilation: it is carried out by beauticians that, according to the likes of the clienta, they can design forms sugerentes like hearts, starlets.

The integral depilation can be attempted at home in different ways. You can prove with a kitchen knife, with bands of wax or wax for microwaves.

If it is the first time that a woman English depilates himself, the advice is that he/she goes since to an aesthetics center it is a very delicate area and that it is irritated very easily.

The ideal thing is that a specialist can carry out the task that first time to see if some allergy type takes place or to observe what method he/she comes to each skin better.

After being attended by a specialist, for the next opportunities they can be tried to carry out the depilation at home without more complications and keeping in mind the following details:

* To take a lukewarm shower before since opens the pores and it facilitates the depilation.
* First to clip the body hair with a scissor to avoid the pain when depilating the area.
* If he/she has decided to use kitchen knife, the ideal thing is to use a foam of aloe vera for not irritating the skin and also that it moisturizes.
* If he/she has decided to use wax, it should be thrown of her in sense contrary to the growth of the hair.
* If he/she has decided to appeal to a maquinilla, a bolster should be chosen that is soft, special for delicate areas. He/she should spend in sense of the growth of the hair.
* After the method used for the depilation it is necessary to apply a lotion or corporal oil to moisturize the area.

The ornamental depilation is carried out, at least the first times in aesthetics centers since in the specialized centers one has more experience in to carry out different designs and to tint and they are also the so much of the last tendencies in pubic depilation.

The advantages of eliminating the intimate body hair or of clipping it in a delicate way they are, according to the women that opt for this tendency, to stop worrying of if the bathroom suit moves while you is in the beach or pool.

To shine sexy linen that before, aesthetically it was not comfortable to the vision and mainly, to surprise the couple with a new sexy aspect.

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