Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tips of beauty for the summer

The summer he/she approaches, and for this season it is necessary to shine to the maximum. With the climatic changes, the sunbeams have become more harmful and who the recent thing more it is our skin. Although we all wanted to shine a spectacular suntan, it is necessary to be careful with the noxious rays of the sun, and to protect the skin if you leave to the beach to shine your new bathroom suit.


If you worry about your skin and mainly like it is your hair after you exposed it in the sun, to the seawater or the water clorificada of the pool, don't worry, here we give you some tips of beauty to take care in the summer.

He/she takes care of your complexion of the sunbeams:

It is important to maintain moisturized the skin, not only that of the face, but also that of the whole body. For this we recommend you to use cream humectantes specifically for the face and another for the body, if you get cream humectantes with solar factor of almenos SPF 15, it will be of great help for your skin.

You can also moisten your skin with natural aloe or you cremate with the help of aloe. The aloe is a slight humectante of quick absorption that will constantly renovate your skin so that it shines healthy and moisturized. The aloe protects you of the noxious effects of the sun, he/she helps you to heal the skin stimulating the quick repair of the damaged cells, according to the place Terra.

Tips to take care of your hair in the summer:

The hair loses its shine, elasticity and he/she becomes dehydrated in the summer, for this reason take care of it with special shampoos that have vitamins to moisten the dry hair. A very useful advice is that before taking a bath in the pool, it wets your hair with clean water, this will avoid that the water is absorbed with chemical and it also protects your hair of the chlorine.

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