Wednesday, August 5, 2009


People have diverse appetites when speaking of sex. This depends much of the sign from the zodiac to which you/they belong. In this note we will try to classify each person according to their sign and to help him to find the ideal couple.

Those of Escorpio, Leo, Aries and Sagittarius are burning and very passionate lovers, in terms of frequency and intensity at once sexual and in the game of the love.

· Escorpio has energy, it is brutal but emotional

· Leo is burning, dramatic and very confident in if same

· Aries is sensual, rustic and very physical

· Sagittarius is experimental, sport and very direct

Equally this doesn't imply that the other signs of the zodiac are cold. It only means that the other signs cannot match them in operation and pleasure.

But what it really cares is to examine each person's letter astral singular, since there are many factors that influence in her as the position of Mars, the energy, Venus, etc. all this is vital in each letter native singular.

· Aquarius in general is intense, but too erratic for a sustained frequency.

· Pisces is too imaginative for a direct sexual confrontation.

· Taurus is magnificent in a purely physical level.

· Gemini is changing, but it can be as good as it proposes it to him

· Cancer vibrates marvelously, but he/she has to be lively and coaxed

· Virgo can be very tender but he/she complains too much

· Libra makes it with fineness and tolerance, but he/she needs of a very good company

· Capricorn is inhibited a little, but he/she has good explosions of sexual energy.

Next we count him which the ideal couple is for each sign (inside of... and outside of the bed). I/you/he/she Looks for in the following square with what sign you/he/she harmonizes more and with which not:

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