Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Natural treatments for your hair

Still with all the advantages that he/she offers the cosmetic one, it is not necessary to forget that the old tricks are those that better they work: to intersect the tips to clean up the hair (it is indispensable a good court after the summer), to be brushed the hair a while every day and, for a brilliant hair, a good jet of cold water after each laundry.

Oil lukewarm for the hair
He/she puts on lukewarm oil on the hair, he/she covers with a plastic cap of bathroom or with a plastic bag and it is left approximately 30 minutes. Then it is rinsed and the shampoo is applied. The used oils are that of olive, of avocado, of almonds and that of wheat germ.

Aloe and Sábila
It is liquefied the center of 1 sábila leaf and 1 spoonful of oil of almonds. It is applied in the hair and it is left at least one hour. While the mask is on the hair feels rough, but when washing it he/she acquires humidity and shine.

Put 2 spoonfuls of mayonnaise and 3 spoonfuls of oil of almonds in the hair and leave it 1 hour or the whole night, it will depend on the condition of the hair. If it is very mistreated, it is dry or long, it can be used twice per week. If it is only for protection, the recommendation is once per week.

Another element within our reach that it can serve us as conditioner it is the avocado, since it is rich in vitamins TO and AND, in natural oils and in proteins. If we mix half avocado (without bone) with a spoonful of olive oil and an egg yolk, we will have a very natural conditioner. It is necessary to mix all the ingredients until getting a foamy mixture, and then we will apply it on the hair recently laundry and we will allow it to act during 15 minutes, it stops then to clarify it with abundant temperate water.

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