Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tips for romantic night

I have already said that the surprise is a good ally. You can prepare a romantic night without he or she find out, even to involve to an or two near friendships to put intrigue to the circumstance and that your couple doesn't imagine what you are scheming.
We have already said also that the women are special and that the best way to arrive to its heart is knowing them, taking them out of the routine. All coincide in that the roses and the chocolates are a very prospective gift in all romantic night. The color will depend on the character of the night and the own character of her. The quantity will also depend on it. Make coincide the number of roses with the number of appointments that you/they complete, the months that take being seen or something for the style.
There are two options for the dinner: you can make it in a luxurious restaurant or at home, with a prepared plate for you. Anyone of both has positive sides as negative.
If you go to an attractive and luxurious place you won't have a lot of privacy to act and if you are a little introverted, it would not recommend it to you. On the other hand, if you make it at home you will have a lot of freedom to say romantic sentences to the hearing or aloud.
In case you want to have dinner at home you should prepare each detail, to the minimum. To begin: the china, the glasses, the candles, the plate to have dinner and the music that will sound while they chat.
They are few the men that notice details. Although it is laughable, those that that work in marketing or public relationships, the architects, the decorators, are those that know how to observe the details. But, you should overcome to this aspect..
The males, in general, they don't usually surprise with the unexpected thing. They are less susceptible to the surprising thing, it should not surprise you if he doesn't react very impressed for the sorpesa that you prepare him. Don't recriminate him for it, you could waste the atmosphere.
Something that you should have very in bill is that the man is where more they flatter him.
The gifts are not so prospective for him and although it is not as romantic as it is expected, at the end he/she will adapt to the atmosphere because one of the man's qualities is that he/she adapts easily to the circumstances.

The surprise and the unexpected thing always plays to our favor, but we should know better our couple to please it and to devise circumstances that take us to draw romantic moments that don't fade of the memory. The most pleasing gift that we can obtain is to see our pleased couple and becoming intimate more with us.

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