Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oil anticelulítico for the shower

The cellulitis is an affection that we suffer most of the women due to an imbalance of the feminine sexual hormones. Today in day diverse methods that allow us to help to combat her, exist and this it belongs one to them.

One of the factors that is necessary to take into account to give definitive solution to this problem is the feeding.

We should remember that the flours and carbohydrates collaborate in the accumulation of liquids in the body and this is one of the main agents that cause the so hated cellulitis.

Another option to combat her is the located treatments that, helped by certain products, they achieve a notorious improvement in the circulatory system.

An effective solution is to carry out an oil for massages. To mix in a flask with dropper:

* 50cc of oil of almonds.
* 2 drops of oil lemon essential.
* 2 drops of oil lavender essential.
* 2 drops of oil essential of rosemary.

To shake and to use placing 4 or 5 drops of the mixture especially in a vegetable sponge and friccionar the area of the hips and the thighs.

It is advisable to carry out this massage every day before sleeping.

It is important to adopt a constant behavior in the care of the body supplemented with an appropriate feeding.

To avoid the fats saturated as the butter, the sausages and the meats non rashers is fundamental. Neither to think of ingesting in quantity sugar, chocolates, goodies neither pastries.

It is fundamental to maintain a high iron grade, for him which it can be opted by the fish and the vegetables, I eat likewise to maintain a rich diet in potassium, consuming dry fruits, bananas, fruits and yeast of beer.

To avoid the excess of salt, he/she will help to not retaining liquids excessively and this way to be able to combat the much more cellulitis easily.

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