Wednesday, August 5, 2009

good habits of life

Is it possible to live with not very healthy habits of life, as the sedentarismo and an unbalanced feeding? Yes, it is possible, but the consequences of these disorders are accumulative and they go leaving marks that will be translated with the time in illnesses and aging.


Five components of fundamental importance exist for the physical acondicionamiento and the good organic operation:

* Cardiovascular resistance or capacity aeróbica

* Flexibility
* Corporal composition
* It forces muscular
* Muscular resistance

These five points are key to conserve tuned the machinery that constitutes our body. The disuse of these elements leads to the aging and many times it propitiates problems of health.

Many illnesses are direct consequence of the sedentarismo. This way, for example, in some cases the problems of the heart would not appear if the person has paid bigger attention to her body by means of the practice of physical activities and an appropriate feeding. Likewise the precipitation of the aging is a facet more than a sedentary life.

Although the body begins the decline of its functions starting from the 25 years, the physical activity is able to move away this moment at the same time that he/she allows to live the last years of life without illnesses invalidantes neither chronic.

It fits to point out that in a marathon carried out in New York in 1992 that covers a journey of 42 kilometers, it arrived to the goal a 96 year-old man that had begun the aerobis-mo practice at the 63. This is a test more than enough to demonstrate that the physical activity is able to stay young and healthy.

According to a recent investigation, the exercise would produce the increase of the interleukina, a potent one stimulative of the immunologic apparatus that increases the activity of the linfocitos T and B. To the being that substance an inmunoestimulador one can deduce that its increase will activate the linfocitos production increasing with it the defenses of the organism in people that carry out physical activities.

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