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What to make later in the first appointment and one day?

Will the love of your life be or only another intent more? You are nervous, they sweat your hands and you cannot think. Where is the genius and the spark? The best thing would be to leave of there and not to return... No!, don't escape, you should only apply yourself It is sometimes difficult to plan the first appointments. For that reason it is better to live them like an adventure, an opportunity to be with a person that, in another way, you would not know.
To pass pleasant a while with a new friend or possible couple is very positive.
You can always bet for the traditional cinema and it has dinner, for the coffee or a bar. But to make something different it can be better if you seek to know a little more to your handout In this case, he/she thinks of a place where they are not constantly off or amuse easily; both will have a better opportunity to speak and to be known mutually.

You should also take into account that one cannot wait too much of a first appointment. After everything, newly you have just known that person and they will need to be better in the daily life before proposing something more serious.

After chatting here with several friends and friends that have gone by the trance of the first appointment, we offer you their conclusions:

What to make and what not to make

He/she plans a short appointment.
It begins with an encounter of an or two hours. If the things go well, you will always be able to extend more time the appointment. There is not anything worse than to drift an entire day with that person and to realize, to the five minutes, that there is not any future with her.

Get dressed appropriately.
There is not nothing else painful that to be with which the other person took pains in her arrangement and you you don't go agreement dress with the occasion.

I know punctual.
To arrive late in the first appointment is sign of lack of respect (or of interest). Obtén in advance the address of the place of the encounter, arrives early and it demonstrates this way that you care that boy or girl that he/she got your attention.

Make fulfilled, but don't spend.
Some kind words make all person to feel special, but you don't repeat them to constantly, since you/he/she can seem that you are desperate because she pays you attention.

Don't spend with the swigs
Some drinks can help you to relax the tension, but don't drink as if you were in a party with your group of friends. If you drink too much, the most probable thing is that you become bad glass and that won't help you in your conquest intent.

He/she leaves it stops the deep conversations later on.
Don't speak in your first sex appointment, religion, politics, disappointments or personal problems. The objective is that the girl (or) you the pass well.

Don't reveal the family conflicts.
All we have them and most understands that the matters of the family also appear inevitably in the personal relationships. But don't open your heart in this respect in the first occasion. It is not the moment and it can be interpreted by your handout like sign of what is to come.

Don't exaggerate speaking of the work
Monologues on your labor situation, you complain on your boss and the sensation about being stagnated, they won't inspire trust by your ability to respond efficiently to negative situations of the life.

With the diets one doesn't joke
If you don't want to leave hit in your first appointment, he/she avoids to speak of diets or of the woman's weight that you have in front, because you could offend her. Don't make comments like "I Already see that you like to eat a lot"

Don't mention to your former one
It is completely forbidden to mention to the love that left. Comments like "my ´ex´ liked this restaurant", they won't make any grace to your companion.

Be not ahead
"Our children will have your eyes and my mouth... " Are you already distributing matrimonial applications in search of the or the best candidate? And how many children do you want? Calm (to), everything has their time.


Should you call or not? Will he have liked you? Why doesn't it sound the telephone or the cellular one?

After the first encounter, it is common that we ask ourselves those questions. Now that, if the person didn't fill the expectations, you/he/she will be necessary to look for the subtlest way to maintain it at distance. "How do I take off it of above?... " , you will wonder.

Here we offer you some proposals, if you liked him or her, or if nr.

For them
If you consider that that girl is the worthy one worthy of your love, don't doubt it: you call it. But eye, tries not to be so obvious and it allows to happen at least one day. Tell him that you passed it very well, he/she thanks their company and if you feel that she is receptive to a second exit, because "you go to the grain" and it fixes the next encounter.

Don't show you anxious. He/she listens before speaking. He/she studies their tone, their words, to know if you should advance or to wait. If you love that girl, don't allow a lot of time to pass without calling it after the first appointment. She can think that you are not interested and simply, to change channel. To send him flowers, it can be your best play.

For them
If you believe that you won't be able to survive the nerves that he doesn't call you in the following two hours, calm down. If he was so dazzled as you found that night, it won't take in marking your number.

For any reason you take the telephone. Although it can sound macho, "them" they are by nature hunters and they love the conquest. Then. for what reason to remove them the pleasure?

If two days passed, he didn't call you and you already ate up all the fingernails, an idea for "to sound the land" in a subtle way it is that you write him an attentive but casual e-mail thanking him the invitation and highlighting well the that you have passed it.

Perhaps it is what he was waiting to take the following step and to call you.

If it didn't fill your expectations
I know kind and don't close doors. Perhaps the life is giving you a beautiful friendship.

For them
If to her it passed him the same thing that to you and there is not connection some, you won't have problems. But if that is not what happened, she possibly calls you before you; tell him that you have passed a very pleasant moment and, without lying him, insinuate him that in those days you will be focused in your work, a project or a trip. She will understand the message.

However, the best thing would be to leave open the possibility to continue conversing for telephone or exchanging and-mails.

He/she remembers that well he/she says the statement: the courteous thing, doesn't remove the valiant thing.

For them
If he stayed "flasheado" with you, there is not leaf turn: he/she will call you sooner of that than you believe and, of course, he/she will invite you for a second appointment.

My advice is only one: don't accept. First, for not creating him false expectations; and second, later it will be more difficult to give it goes behind. He/she thanks the invitation and tell him that they can it turns in any other moment in the future.

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