Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tips for a better suntan

The feeding is an excellent way to get ready to receive the first sunbeams of the vacations and they are also good us to enlist our body to obtain a more intense and more durable suntan.

The Betacaroteno is a vegetable pigment that becomes vitamin when being ingested TO in the mucous of the thin intestine and stored mainly in the liver. This, in summary, facilitates the synthesis of the melanin and it favors the suntan also acting like natural filter of the ultraviolet rays.

Foods like the carrot, the parsley, the spinach, the peach, the papaya, the tomatoes, the melon and the cherries are rich in Betacaroteno, while the fish and the dry fruits protect the skin of the dehydration. If we are able to balance our feeding of vacations with foods that they include these foods, we will have more possibilities to get a good one and tan insurance.

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