Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Do you go to the last fashion and don't you know what a ‘is LWD '?

That it doesn't lack in your closet a ‘Little White Dress ', the version in white of the classic ‘Little Black Dress '
Yes, the fashion goes incorporating new terms that, although they already make reference to creations existent, overnight they become an indispensable one among the followers of the last tendencies.

A new version of a classic

In the decade of the 20, Coco Chanel the denominated ‘popularized Little Black Dress ', a cocktail dress in very functional black color and bottom of perfect closet for all woman. At the moment, and although it has not lost their protagonism, they are many those that have decided to change the tonality of the ‘LBD '.

The ‘is born this way Little White Dress ', version in white of this classic that, it doesn't only triumph in the gangplanks, but rather he/she has become the ‘more ' he/she doesn't go among the famous ones. Also, it is presented from in designs fitted to other much more flowing on those that wide belts are superimposed. And do you aim yourself to this tendency?

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