Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tips for a first appointment "date"

Have I heard many girls say “don't I know what step?, do we leave, did we go to have dinner, was he quite interested, did I spend it super well… did he/she Say that he/she call again but didn't he/she make it…” can A first appointment begin like a touching idea, especially if you find that boy with which you will come out attractive, but is it necessary to be careful Many times we make things without realizing that they can finish transforming a first promising appointment in a true disaster. Here some tips of what it is necessary to make and it is not necessary to make to not only achieve the first appointment it is perfect but rather of there they come many more.

1. - he/she prepares what you will put on in advance. It is not of it turns or too casual or too orderly, the point is to use something that goes according to the occasion.

2. - it is not good idea to go to the cinema in a first appointment. If what you want is to know it better search to meet in a coffee or a dinner where you/they can speak.

3. - you don't show yourself too desperate. There is not anything as maintaining a certain mystery halo. Still if you like a lot it lets him to be him who makes the work that looks for you that is him who proposes that they see again. Of course that you can motivate this flirting a little, it is the form of making him know that on your behalf there is also interest.

4. - you don't speak of your former one. To give a list of your bankrupt relationships will make it think that what you need is a psychologist and not a boyfriend.

5. - he/she speaks little of you and rather listen to it to him. Does your know you already not? Then he/she thinks of questions that you/they help you to know it a little better; of course that they are not too personal or that they concern their last relationships, that it is the best form of driving away anyone.

6. - if there is an uncomfortable silence that you/they are normal in an appointment, be not overwhelmed. Allow it to happen, many times a coquettish look can say more than a thousand words.

7. - there are not anything like a good conversation to make more of a good appointment something. Don't become nervous, he/she speaks of what you know. Many times to try to be well we invent things or we fake to know about things that we believe to him they interest him but we end up making the ridicule.

8. - you don't drink of more. The point of a first appointment is to know if you really make click with that person. The alcohol distorts your perceptions, and tomorrow that you see it sober you will maybe take yourself an unpleasant surprise.

9. - you don't talk on the phone or be sending messages during the appointment, because one can interpret like a lack of interest. (Now that if you are not really interested you make it to your wide ones, that will make easier to make him understand the message)

10. - I know your same one. To try to impress too much to somebody it ends up creating the contrary effect. It takes out the best thing that you have, it shows that you trust yourself and that will make it call again.

11. - all the women make a sixth sense. It is necessary to use it. I know intuitive and don't follow rules, you spontaneous because that makes you more amusing.

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