Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Now we will tell you that you sew to make and that to avoid so that the romantic night he/she doesn't throw to lose. With the men it is always necessary to have patience but when he/she enters in the atmosphere the night it can be wonderful, whenever there is love among the couple.

* It intrigues, to the men them facina the intrigue games. You can prepare the circumstances of the encounter so that the one is intrigued and not you of bill of what you have him prepared.
* To take initiative, although many men prefer to be the dominant of the situations, if you take the initiative in the conversation and in all that concerns to that romantic night you will dismantle to the “hombrezote” and once vulnerable you will be able to discover many surprises in him.
* Patience, to the any man will displease him a little (although he doesn't say it) to leave the routine thing. With the time they are a machine that is programmed and they are mad a little when some things are changed, but at the end they adapt if the new thing is better, compared with the routine that you/they take.
* Subtlety, something that goes mad to the man is the subtlety with which a woman makes him notice that you/he/she is interested in him (still when I/you/he/she is not completely sure). That makes it feel conquering, when in fact he is the one conquered. Of there the game of the stripers: the one of to show a little and to hide. If you know how to be subtle with your couple the night it will be very special. Don't say the things directly as: “he/she wanted to know if you love me”, to discover that you could say: “if you could compare your love for my with some distance, which would it be?.”
You can also be subtle with the caresses. It touches your fingernails on their shoulders, it slips your hand below their chin, it lets him to speak to you a little to the hearing. The subtlety will dismantle it. It controls everything without one can give bill.
* For the view, the man is always attracted by what you go. Contrary to the woman, the man it is conquered first for that reason by what you go, you should worry a little in your appearance, but don't make of that your newspaper to live because you will bore him.

* To be direct, although most of the men don't understand many of the indirect ones that the women throw them, in this occasion the subtlety and insinuation can play to your favor to generate some intrigue and that the a conqueror sits down (although insecure).
* Flatteries, all the men love flatteries, they enjoy to increase their ego with flatteries. In this case the flatteries should not be many, because you will put it in a pedestal of the one that perhaps cannot lower it.
* Without excesses, you should not allow that the aphrodisiacs and the dinner satiate their appetite. That will remove him the desires of being the romantic of the night. You should control the situation so that it is not exceeded in to drink and to eat. You won't want a drunk and panzón when finishing the dinner.
* Birdcalls, he/she remembers that the night is special, it is not to claim anything neither to ruin her with looking for solutions. In the best in the cases you should be subtle to outline something urgent.

He/she remembers that this is alone some advice, perhaps the most vital, the important thing is to know your couple to please it. If you have other tips that can be good for a romantic night, write us here.

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