Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What is the method Pilates?

What is the method Pilates? It is a very complete corporal education where one works the body like an everything, from the musculature but deep until the but outlying, and in the one that as much the mind as the body intervene

In what the method Pilates is based?
This method is based on a very sure program of slow and controlled exercises. He/she is practiced with very specific machines or in the floor, under the supervision of a professional, in individual classes or in small groups. The precision of the exercises is looked for in few repetitions. The breathing, the concentration, the control, the alignment, the centración, the fluency is the other key concepts of the method.

Can he/she help us the method Pilates in what?
The objective is to get a muscular balance, reinforcing the weak muscles and lengthening the shortened muscles. This takes to increase the control, the force and the flexibility of the body, respecting the articulations and the back.

It is a method valid point for those that are introduced for the first time in the physical activity, like for those that look for the improvement of the movement (as the sportsmen of high level or scenic artists). likewise all those are included that they could suffer back problems and look for a preventive activity (Pilates is totally integrated in the rehabilitation programs in USA and UK).

Origin and history of the method Pilates
In New York from the years 20 and until their death in 1967, Joseph Pilates develops the wide repertoire of movements of its method. Although the dancers were during a time the main ones in being interested in this method in their effectiveness, J.Pilates began its work for people of the street and as rehabilitation technique and of acondicionamiento. It is only for about 6 years, and mainly in USA and UK that we attend the public's considerable current recognition.

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