Thursday, August 6, 2009

Because the diets don't work

The diets to lose weight that you/they don't work, to pass hunger without losing kilos, this it is the repeated history, a diet ends to lose weight and you begins another that will also finish in failure.
One can think that the diets don't serve or that perhaps it is impossible to lose weight without caring the efforts that are made.
This is not this way, what happens in most of the cases is that he/she eats up bad, it is not necessary to pass hunger, it is only necessary to keep in mind certain details.

In paraellas we will give you 10 keys to either lose weight that you are making a special diet or simply want to continue eating as always.

The 10 keys to lose weight

Nail 1 to lose I weigh you Never stop to eat, the organism needs food to complete its functions, to stop to eat doesn't only lose weight sick.

Nail 2 to lose weight he/she Carries out 4 foods a day, a breakfast, a lunch, a snack and a dinner, you should keep in mind that the dinner will be since the lightest food after ingesting it you won't burn calories.

Nail 3 to lose weight you Surely know that you should avoid the fats and you avoid them not eating meat with fat, shortening or the skin of the chicken, but perhaps you don't take into account that a cake portion, a cake, or an ice cream can contain much fattier than the meat.
Therefore to eliminate all the pastry shop products, bizcochería, desserts and ice creams during the diet.

Nail 4 to lose weight Many people they only eat salads during several days to avoid the fats and to lose weight in quick form, but to eat salads doesn't mean that calories are not ingesting, the size of the plate should be normal and they should not go decorated with salt, mayonnaises or another type of sauces, only lemon and olive oil.
It is also necessary to keep in mind the ingredients of that salad, the big quantities of potatoes, rice, eggs, mushrooms, avocados, etc, they will add more calories than a meat piece.
When they waste away fruits they should also be kept for example in mind the calories that contribute, a banana he/she can have 60 calories, a pear 70 and an orange 60, to also eat fruits in excess supreme calories although they don't contain fat.

Nail 5 to lose I weigh you will Always have heard that the bread puts on weight, if you are trying to lose weight you don't eat bread, he/she eats cookies, something like that will have told you, it is an error.
The bread will satiate more the appetite, the cookies have more concentration of flour and fatty trans, they not only fatten you but rather you are with hunger.

Nail 6 to lose I weigh you will Also have heard that to lose weight the best thing it is to eat many times a day that if he/she gives you hunger you eat bars of cereals, apples, carrots, yogurt, etc.
Another error, you eat little during the main foods, you keep hunger and then raisins the whole day eating, he/she eats at the established hours until your appetite is satiate and you will no longer have necessity eating to always be.

Nail 7 to lose weight to Eat homemade food, the foods of restaurants, places of quick food or to take they use big quantities of fat and oils that which you can avoid cooking your own food.

Nail 8 to lose weight it Consumes a lot of fiber, the foods that contain fiber drag the fat outside of the organism, of anything it serves to pass hunger if you don't expel the fat of the body.

Nail 9 to lose weight he/she Drinks water, it avoids all type of gassy and artificial juices, you won't lose weight depriving you of the food but taking sodas.
Two liters of water per day help you to oxygenate the organism, to burn fat, they remove you the sensation of hunger and they moisturize the skin, more benefits impossible.

Nail 10 to lose weight he/she Walks one hour per day, it is necesaro to burn calories so that they don't accumulate in form of fat, if you want to lose weight you have to look for yourself the time to walk, it considers that you can lose weight without passing anything of hunger following these simple advice.

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