Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How it affects the Flu TO in the pregnancy

The Flu TO or Swinish Flu is a variety of Flu caused by the stump H1N1 of the virus of Influenza. This stump already attacked several decades ago the human population for that that the grown-ups of 50 or 60 years were already in contaco with the virus generating antibodies. For that reason, the Flu TO it attacks, statistically, more to young people.

After declaring it world Pandemic in June for the OMS it has been classified of unstoppable. They also say from all over the world the newspapers that the vaccine won't reach for all and also that they have died more than 400 people in 137 countries and there are 90000 affected.

Who come an illness like this in numbers they say that their mortality is not much higher that the call seasonal flu, but that that if it worries it is its high one to be able to of infection and the express deterioration that the person that gets sick with a serious square of this Flu suffers.

The pregnant women, together with other groups of risk are prone to contract the flu TO to have low defenses.

The defenses in the pregnancy diminish naturally, that is to say that during the pregnancy the woman's organism is inmunodeprimido. This has a reason, the decrease of the mother's rejection for the fetus.

The drops defenses of the pregnant women make them to be infected with more graveness with this virus because their condition doesn't allow them to generate the necessary inmunoglobulinas for counterattacking the virus.

The pneumonia squares with this stump of the influenza virus are very serious, for that reason the best thing is the prevention as much as you he/she can.

The human population rarely faces a problem that she plays so of about everybody without social distinction. All know about the flu, all speak of her, in millions of homes there is alcohol for the hands and mufflers, a good example of global conscience for a lamentable pandemic.

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