Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The summer it has arrived. And that means that we are in the perfect time for a summer romance. Are you prepared for a summer romance or are you still hibernated? Our amusing test will help you to discover it.

1. what are you wanting this summer?
. A rest in my affective dysfunction. (Punctuation = 1)
. To escape from all the weddings. (Punctuation = 2)
. To know somebody that helps me to forget. (Punctuation = 3)
. The promise of a romance that lasts beyond the summer. (Punctuation = 4)
. Air conditioning. (Punctuation = -1)

2. what tone of the summer does it describe your attitude better?
. Gray. I am sure that I will be single east summer another time. (Punctuation = 1)
. Green. He/she gives me envy people that has a relationship. (Punctuation = 2)
. Red. I am mature and I list to leave. (Punctuation = 3)
. Blanco. I am fresh as a cucumber. (Punctuation = 4)
. Can one choose the black one? (Punctuation = -1)

3. you are invited to a party of single in the beach. You:
. You will spend over there. You decide to make in front of your fear to the blazes. (Punctuation = 1)
. You decide to go. “I will go, but for sure I don't know anybody.” (Punctuation = 2)
. You go in your watchman's of the particular beach search. (Punctuation = 3)
. You rush. “The couple of my dreams can be there.” (Punctuation = 4)
. You decide to stay at home seeing The watchmen of the beach. (Punctuation = -1)

4. how drink describes your attitude better in summer?
. Alone coffee with ice. He/she makes game with my state of spirit. (Punctuation = 1)
. Limoncello. (Punctuation = 2)
. Sex on the Beach. Do I have to say something more? (Punctuation = 3)
. Muscovite dawn. I know that every day it will begin well. (Punctuation = 4)
. Liquor of bitter almond. (Punctuation = -1)

5. how would you describe your expectations of having a romance this summer?
. Fresh. It is not very probable. (Punctuation = 1)
. Temperate. It is no longer nobody with the one who to leave that it is worthwhile. (Punctuation = 2)
. Lightly hot. Sew stranger they have happened. (Punctuation = 3)
. Hot. I am prepared for a relationship, so this it can be the station in that he/she finds it. (Punctuation = 4)
. I fry as the ice. In all ways, I won't leave house. (Punctuation = -1)

Less than 0: is a station change taking place, why don't you use this like an excuse to change your attitude? Otherwise, stay in your cave, and you don't ruin us the amusement.

0-5: You are shy and insecure-and that will make him to be difficult to find even. It looks for solutions to these problems. As the trust increases in yourself, your possibilities will increase of finding the love.

6-10:Puede that your loving past has not been a success, but that doesn't mean that you cannot put an end to this unlucky gust. He/she begins thinking which are your qualities and believe a profile now.

11-15: The presage for the love this summer is good. The only question is if you are only looking for the love for this summer or so that it lasts you when the cold arrives.

16-20: You navigate under a clear sky this summer. When the love arrives, you will be prepared!

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