Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How to improve your boyfriend's relationship with your friends

The women have a very near bond he/she made our group of friends, for that reason, when as the time passes each a he/she goes becoming independent and a relationship begins with a person, the friends miss last times and they prefer its friend to be alone again.

In occasions, also, it is complicated that the friends understand that she is happy with that person, and that obligatorily the rest of friends, they owe mantanerse to a side. But in fact, that, is the work and the honesty that he/she should differ to a good one to friend of another.

It is habitual that the friends feel mistrust, in a first moment, toward the couples of their friends because they don't want that they damage their friend, and they prefer to distrust of that person that is occupying the time and place that she occupied.

In this type of situations, it should be given and to learn for both places, so much the friend that is hurted as the friend that is with a person. On one hand, the person that a relationship begins with a person, it should continue seeing and to continue sharing moments with its friends, since he/she cannot forget that important part of its life. And on the other hand, the friend should understand that her friend only wants to be happy and that not for she will leave aside it.

When both parts understand all that, then the discords and the bad moments forget to begin to value that we have the luck to share special moments with unique people; your boyfriend and your friends and to be happy it is not necessary to do without of none of the two things.

The friends, they should share unique moments among them and they should understand that they are never competition for a boyfriend and by no means they should compete with him.

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