Thursday, August 6, 2009

Council for not boring your couple

When a couple is beginning a relationship everything you/he/she is presented wonderful but once you/he/she passes the initial enamoramiento and the relationship leaves securing it is when they become visible certain differences and some defects that you/they had not seen each other before.
The advice for not boring your couple can apply them during a lifetime since will be you very useful if you want that that relationship lasts.

* The whole time be not above, give him their space and tómate yours, if somebody is drowned he/she will surely come unfastened to be able to breathe.
Also if you are pending of their things you insinuate him that you don't have own interests and that takes off merits before their eyes.

* You are not highlighting their defects continually and neither you are happened to nag him in public and less still in front of their family or friends.
That type of attitudes causes humiliation and they finish generating bitterness, if you have something to reproach him that it is when they are alone.

* Be not a phone nightmare calling it or sending him messages the whole time, it will seem that you suffer of some compulsive obsessive dysfunction and far from being him pleasant it will be a torture of which will want to escape despavorido.

* You are not guarding it with all woman he/she appears, it is not only an annoyance but rather you will also be demonstrating that you feel inferior to those girls since are afraid that leaves you for them.

* You don't prohibit him him to practice or look at the sports that he likes, that it is one of the worst things that you could make, on the contrary, he/she fakes that you like you will be able to this way to accompany him and sharing their likes it will bring near them more.

* Don't force him to make things that he doesn't like as to go of stores or to visit relatives, at some time it is well but don't abuse.

* Don't insist with which you of continuous tests of love and make romantic things, he/she can that at some time you have been appeared with a flower, perhaps he/she bought you something delicate, but until there it arrived, don't wait much more.

* We wait that these advice for not boring your couple give you result, we have some more than we will publish them later on and if you have other you can send it in the comments to share them with who needs them.

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